Self-Love Retreat

Invoking the Warrior Woman

25th to 26th May 2019


Saturday Keynote
The Power Of Being Vulnerable, Authentic & Raw

Saturday 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Fleassy Malay

What is it to be a Warrior Woman?

Confronting what some people deem as “a fear worse than death”¬†Fleassy Malay¬†shares her wisdom on overcoming the fear of being seen, and the beauty of creating a space for women to be celebrated, a mission deeply shared by all of us on the BSLR team.

A passionate and poetic keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Fleassy will captivate you as she flies in on a dime and twirls your imagination on the spot. Taking your ideas of life for a spin around the dance floor, holding you close enough so that when she lets go, you somehow feel like you have been filled with something new, yet also left longing for that little bit more

Fleassy is internationally renowned spoken word artist from the UK. A self-identified queer, erotic, spiritual, mother she has a theatrical and yet deeply authentic performance style, renowned for captivating her audiences with depth, honesty, and humour.

Now based in Melbourne, she runs spoken word and speaker training courses including her flagship program, SpeakUP which has been empowering women like Red Tent Australia Founder Jill Genet for over 5 years, as well as Melbourne’s acclaimed Women’s Spoken Word event, Mother Tongue РWomen Speak.

In her February 2019 TEDxMelbourne talk on prosopagnosia, Fleassy shares how it made it easier to see people. It brings us joy beyond measure to know that the Warrior Women at the Boundless self-love retreat will get to experience that enlightenment too. Fleassy always shows up with authenticity and integrity, bringing her powerful, vulnerable, and honest performances and presentations that leave a profound impression.

Grab her book,¬†Sex and God, listen to her brand new album¬†Unhear This, watch her viral performances of¬†Witches¬†and¬†Warriors,¬†and¬†get your tickets¬†to see and meet her in person – we can’t wait to truly¬†see¬†you there!

Sunday Keynote
Recognising Domestic Violence:
a new perspective and a new approach to change

Sunday 11:30am - 1:00pm

We live in a time of incredible connectivity and accessibility, of unprecedented availability of knowledge and information. Yet we seem to be more and more disconnected from our deeper selves, our innate wisdom and our intuition bringing feelings of being lost, insecure and uncertain. Is this you? 

Introducing Jane Sleight-Leach, the Founder and Lead Facilitator of The Life 2 Project, a certified Practitioner and Facilitator delivering life-changing, transformative processes, working with a core team with varied clinical backgrounds.

Her workshop is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to look at this problem we are facing at epidemic proportions in this country.

The Life 2 Project offers Retreats and Workshops for women who have experienced domestic and family violence. Online resources are in development.

We specifically work with women who have been successful in leaving abusive relationships, and who are ready to begin their healing journey. We are all about recovery and getting back to living!

Contact Jane on 0412 200 515 or

#RecognisingDomesticViolence @ #BSLR2019

Saturday Evening Entertainment
Mystical Music Troubadour

Saturday 8:30pm

Join us for a night of beautiful music and great food with our special guest, Mystic Troubadour Murray Kyle.

From a musical journey with no beginning and no end comes the prophetic poetry of Murray Kyle, an established troubadour with over 15 years of performing straight from the heart to endearing audiences around the globe.

The powerfully tender performances of this esteemed songwriter have established him in the Australian roots music scene and beyond, as a highly respected musician sowing his seeds of inspiration into this world.

Hailing from the tiny town of Uki in Northern NSW, his Earth honouring music recognises our common thread and travels within to inspire connection and positive empowerment.

A multi-instrumentalist, Murray’s songwriting inspiration deepened as he travelled the world and added guitar, yidaki, ngoni, woodwinds and percussion to his trained piano skills.

Workshops and Activities

Check out the full lineup of workshops, speakers, activities, pamper sessions, clothing swaps, markets, meals, and entertainment on offer over the whole weekend!

Select your favourite speakers and presenters to learn from, and make sure you don’t miss out on our first keynote from Fleassy Malay, or the beautiful music by Murray Kyle!

Go deeper and enjoy more quality workshops, see second keynote speaker Jane Sleight-Leach, and join in the closing ceremony spiral dance to send you home on a high note.

Choose your own adventure!
With confidence boosting challenges and nourishing pamper sessions, you’ll be sure to find something that will suit your needs!

Fully catered
organic vegan cuisine

Husband and wife team, Anthea & Caspar of Organic Passion Catering use home grown, hand picked fruits and vegetables from their own organic garden, as well as organic produce from the local farmers markets. Their menus are mostly seasonal, and always fresh organic produce.

They are both experienced cooks with over 15 years in catering. Anthea cooked in the famous Restaurant Café Food for Friends in the UK, and they have catered for many private functions all over the world. Anthea was also the Residential cook at a Yoga Retreat in the Canary Islands. Our influences & experiences draw from many cultures. They have been catering on the North Coast of NSW and South East Queensland for the past 8 years.

With their high standard of service, quality of cuisine and presentation, Organic Passion Catering aim to exceed your expectations and offer absolute professional service and 100% commitment to the Boundless Self-Love Retreat 2019: Invoking the Warrior Woman!


Morning Tea, Lunch, and Afternoon Tea are included for all attendees on each day, with breakfast and dinner provided for overnight attendees.

Please note, as PGL Kindilan is inclusive for guests with severe allergies, absolutely no nuts are permitted on the premises.

Sprouted activated Chocolate cake (nut free)

Broccoli, lemon & parsley soup
Roast vegetable pasta salad with baby spinach & herb seed pesto

Green leafy salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Parsley Hummus with crackers and crudités

Potato, eggplant & pea curry with Cauliflower Dahl
served with brown rice & tomato kasundi

Toasted muesli & raw granola (nut free), Seasonal fruit platter 

Gluten Free Bread & normal healthy sourdough with assorted spreads
(our homemade raw vegan-mite, & sugar-free jam).

Rosewater & lime chia dessert with seasonal fruits

Avocado & tomato (where possible) 

Assorted Herbal teas & Dandelion & coffee

Spiced banana & chai sprouted activated grain cake (nut free)

Ginger miso soup with pumpkin Asian mung bean noodle salad
with Bok choi greens & mint and toasted seed gomasio & tamari tempeh croutons 

Green Leafy Salad with Lemon & Whole-grain Mustard Dressing

Sunflower seed & herb pate & Moroccan carrot & green olive dip (nut free)
with crackers & crudités.

Fruit bowls, tea, coffee and other beverages

Meet the Team

This retreat would not be possible without the amazing efforts of our Coordinators for this year: Jill Genet, Tia Templetents, Josephine Ellis, and a veritable army of volunteers chipping in to help with anything and everything! 

Please give your thanks and gratitude to these wonderful warrior women when you see them or our volunteers in their t-shirts!

Explore the venue

The Boundless Self-Love Retreat is intentionally held in a healing space Рwith the natural surroundings, the quiet bushland, and the call of the birds from the trees all coming together to provide a sacred sanctuary for you to enjoy. 

It is our hope that you’ll lose yourself, while finding the space to heal, recharge and reconnect. Know that we see and hear you, and we’ve got your back sister!

How to Get Here

 Just 45 minutes from Brisbane, PGL Kindilan occupies a beautiful, 220 acre bushland site in Redland Bay, zoned a Conservation Area in South East Queensland. It is comprehensively set up, with covered recreation area, playing fields, dining room, recreation room, conference and meeting rooms, and a chapel.

Whether you prefer to stay right in the thick of things, or take a quiet moment for yourself to rest and re-centre, you will have plenty of space to relax and enjoy your experience at the Boundless Self-Love Retreat: Invoking The Warrior Woman!

ADDRESS: Cnr German Church & Days Rds
Redland Bay 4165 , Queensland, Australia

PHONE: 1300 859 895

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