Self-Love Retreat

Invoking the Warrior Woman

25th to 26th May 2019

Saturday Workshops 25th May

Sarah Yip
Palmistry for self-love and healthy, happy relationships

11:15am - 12:45pm Kindilan Hall

Learn the basics of palmistry and how they can help you to connect and understand your loved ones. This is a hands-on (pun intended) workshop full of real-life tips and practical exercises to help you to start reading hands and healing your heart, straightaway.

Sarah Anderson nee Yip is Australia’s lifepath and 11:11 specialist, a professional psychic, numerologist, palm reader and blogger based in Brisbane. Sarah offers psychic readings using numerology, palmistry, clairvoyance and Tarot. Sarah works mainly by phone and Skype.

Since 2007, she’s helped more than three thousand people to find their life path and plan their future. Sarah is known for her study of 11:11 sightings. Her workshops are fun, detailed and super interactive.

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Neola Liebenberg
The Secret Language of the Body

11:15am - 12:45pm Kinta Cottage

Empowering woman to read people and understand their own bodies better. Your purpose is to have joy and spread it. To live in love. To forgive and let go. To share your gifts with this world.

The name Neola means God’s gift of joy. Neola believes our body can’t heal when it’s in a state of stress. So, it makes sense that if you’re stressing about food, you aren’t healing. In fact, you just go down the rabbit hole and it’s not worth it. Your divine purpose is not to have the perfect life with the perfect diet. 

The Secret Language of the Body includes:

๏ Chinese face reading
๏ Iridology
๏ Tongue readings
๏ Pimple readings
๏ The emotion behind different illnesses: Louise Hay
๏ Affirmations from Louise Hay

An interactive session has a member of audience volunteer to be read. They fill in a card through the session, and the audience can read themselves via their phone.

“I am the face behind Biology of Joy and I love to encourage and empower women to walk in their calling and purpose. I came here 11 years ago from South Africa and lived in Melbourne for 6 1/2 years. I love sunny Queensland and enjoy this weather tremendously. I love the ocean, puppies, babies and spunky toddlers. I love dancing, running, laughing and being silly. I share a house with Deborah Toussaint – The Self Care Goddess and we have the best times ever. My kids are teenagers and they are the best ever. Life is just so beautiful. Neola xx”

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Julie Brett
Connecting with nature for creative empowerment

11:15am - 12:45pm Amphitheatre

Using practices from her background in Druidry, Julie will lead an experiential ritual-based workshop to explore the deep benefits of connecting with nature, understanding ourselves through our ancestors and guides, and aligning ourselves with the seasonal changes.

In this workshop, Julie Brett will facilitate an exploration into how our creativity brings us empowerment to make positive change in the world. As warrior women we fight for a better world through our creativity, in actions and art. This will help each one of us discover how we can awaken our unique creativity, break down fear barriers and find ways to express ourselves with confidence and joy.

Julie Brett is the author of Australian Druidry – Connecting with the Sacred Landscape in which she explores how nature-based spiritualities like Druidry can be practiced in an Australian landscape. She encourages readers to connect with nature, their ancestors and spirit in order to find creativity and joy in life. She is also the founder of Druids Down Under, creates crystal jewelry for her brand Forest Spirit Jewelry, and helps to run the Katoomba Red Tent in the Blue Mountains of NSW.

Jodie Danaan
The Morrigan Journey
Reclaiming Inner Sovereignty

2:00pm - 3:30pm Koona Hall

This workshop will use the elements to create a cauldron to explore issues relating various forms of violence. Through ceremony and story we will create safe sharing circles (Air) and talk through women stories. We will burn away what no longer serves us (Fire) and name what we want to release. Though Water we will have our own step towards cleansing. Through Earth we come back together and reclaim ourselves in our sovereign state amongst our sisters as warriors strong and grounded.

 Jodie Danaan is a Priestess of Earth-based spirituality and is involved in a wide range of Goddess community events. She has been practicing earth-based spirituality for over twenty-five years and runs the business Oakwillow Weavings, in which she coordinates workshops, teaches the southern wheel of the year, and run coming of age rites for girls. Jodie’s traditions are deeply rooted in Celtic spiritual traditions and working closely with the elements, seasons and learning from Indigenous systems of knowledge. Another arm of Oakwillow Weavings is her Rowen Tree branch end of life consultancy, in which she helps families plan together in relation to death and dying. Jodie has a love of ceremony and connection with the aim of positively impacting on the way all rites of passage are experienced throughout life.

Domestic and sexual violence impacts on women across all areas of society.  Having a safe space to take about experiences, and reclaim themselves is a powerful space to create for all women.

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Deniz Akan
Energetic Healing,
Sacred Expansion

2:00pm - 3:30pm Kindilan Hall

Deniz’s  gathering will assist you to step into Self-Mastery, and empower each and every one of you to be the divine warrior woman.  Through a powerful group healing, Deniz will help you to connect to new levels of consciousness, and ignite your true divinity and sacredness. The spark is within all of us. 

Deniz Akan is a therapist and facilitator with over fifteen years experience in alternative healing and teaching, and she has been living in Australia since 2010. Deniz offers personal treatments, group healings, remote healing, workshops, and property and business clearings.

Deniz works with a variety of modalities which she has configured into Dimensional-Healing.  In a treatment, which may include crystals & gemstones, sound & vibrational healing and shamanic healing. Deniz connects to celestial bodies, sacred geometry and interdimensional beings.
Energetic healing is a powerful ancient practice and heals on those many levels to bring joy, vitality and boundless energy back to your life.
Deniz is here to help people achieve an alternative way of balancing and clearing all facets of their multidimensional Selves and to live their true potential, giving just that extra nudge back on their path and to deepen their awareness. Deniz considers this the greatest gift she can offer, and is very excited to be presenting at the Boundless Self Love Retreat. 

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Rose Flannery

2:00pm - 3:30pm Kinta Cottage

Fall in love with taking care of yourself through the practice of sacred self-care. Rose invites you to join her on an empowering and inspiring journey designed to nourish your body and soothe your soul. Self-Care is Self-Love. It is the act of dedicating time to honour and care for one’s self whilst nurturing self-growth and self-healing, and providing strategies to adopt a holistic lifestyle by incorporating self-care, self-growth, self-love and self-healing into your daily practice. 

Rose Flannery is a qualified Nutritionist and proud owner of The Nourished Network. Her passion is to support tired, wired and exhausted women to shine, thrive and feel energised through education, food as medicine and self-care. Rose’s business model is based on the seven pillars of health – nutrition, movement, breathing fresh air, drinking water, sunshine, investing in rest and connection (family, friends, community and self).

Rose has a special interest in supporting women who experience anxiety and depression; chronic stress; fatigue and exhaustion; sleep issues; hormonal imbalance and digestive disorders. Rose adopts a balanced approach to support her client’s to reach optimal health through therapeutic nutrition with food as medicine, dietary education, lifestyle modifications, preventative health-care and evidence-based research. Rose also advocates the importance of ‘self-care as the new health-care’ and hosts nourishing Women’s Wellness Retreats, to empower women to slow down and fall in love with taking care of ones-self.

Rose is friendly, down-to-earth and dedicated to inspiring individuals to take control of their health to restore balance, boost mood, increase energy and embrace vitality, and would love to work with you to help you achieve your personal health and wellness goals. 

A powerful energy unites when women join together in a safe and sacred space to share, to be heard and to be seen. Feel connected within our Sacred Women’s Circle, where Rose invite you to set your intention and choose an affirmation card and healing crystal. We will then, deep dive into the importance of self-care, and what it means to you. We will discuss the six foundations of self-care and share strategies on how to incorporate self-care into our daily lives. We will explore the healing energies of movement, meditation, mindfulness, mindset and natural therapies to support your health and self-care practice. You will leave feeling calm and grounded with a deeper sense of how self-care enables us to live  consciously with passion and purpose. 

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Melaina Faranda

2:00pm - 3:30pm Amphitheatre

Water holds memory and water is life. Water cleanses, heals, and blesses. In our work, we will be honouring the element of water within and without and ways to enter the Other World through water. You will be discovering and connecting with your personal water ally, and communing with the water witch and water goddess in her various guises through a guided drumming journey, then learning how to magically bless and charge water for use in sacred ceremony and healing.  Please bring a small bottle of sacred water from your home or from a water place which is special to you.

Sacred waters from all over the world will be ritually mixed in our chalice, including water from Mary’s house in Ephesus, Chalice well in Glastonbury, and the Delphic spring in Delphos. You will learn a unique technique for healing others with this water.  At the end of the workshop you will be refilling with the magically merged water to take home for your personal sacred practice. This session will be cleansing, healing and introduce women to sacred ways to deepen their relationship to water in their own lives.

Melaina Faranda has been working with the divine feminine and women’s mysteries for over twenty years. She has founded and facilitated numerous women’s and girls’ circles and events, is a Red Tent Australia facilitator at Murwillumbah Red Tent, co-creator of the Priestesses of Gaia Path and has written forty plus books for young people. She is passionate about being with and in sacred natural water.  Melaina, having returned from incredible training in Colorado with Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes (yes – the incredible woman who wrote Women Who Run With the Wolves), is feeling even more inspired and excited about sacred women’s work / play / gathering and looking forward to gathering with our own women at QLD Boundless Self-Love Retreat 2019: Invoking The Warrior Woman

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Charyn McLean

Charyn McClean
Activating Mars; Harness and Strengthen the Courage of your Inner Warrior Woman

2:00pm - 3:30pm Brownie Cottage

To survive we need to assert ourselves, so Mars is vital as the force and drive towards achievement in the heroine’s quest for personal wholeness. In this workshop we will explore Mars through the astrological archetypes, mythology and healing modalities which support the process of transformation and invoking your Mars energy.

The planet Mars in the birth chart represents our approach to life, assertive and self-determining in its nature. In its most positive manifestation it is the archetypal energy of the Inner Warrior. It symbolises our WILL power and desires to experience life and initiate goals and desires. It is a major factor that allows us to survive and express our humanness openly and fearlessly in the world. Mars energy is a source of vitality, passion and action. 

Charyn McLean is a professional astrological consultant, educator and flower essence therapist, holding Dip.Astro (FAA), Dip.Psych.Astro, Dip Counselling qualifications. Her astrological focus is psychological/karmic astrology. Charyn approaches her work from a Chironic therapeutic perspective, integrating counselling and Spirit of Women flower essences with the art of astrology. She also works as a consultant for naturopaths and other alternative therapists who specialise in fertility issues. She believes that every one of us has a purpose in life, and that astrology is a fantastic tool to learn more about yourself, your relationships, career, spiritual purpose, how best to navigate challenging situations, or just to know what’s in store for you in the year ahead.

Deborah Toussaint
Intro to Ignite Your Life:
Equilibrium Matric

4:15pm - 5:45pm Koona Hall

This is about you This workshop is for anyone who would like to accelerate their transformation and enhance their reading experience. This workshop covers the essential elements of the book – Ignite Your Life. It is a healing introduction to exquisite self-care and how to incorporate these concepts into your life is easy. This will be a step by step process to help you through any given situation, a reality check to help you move forward and release the past.

Deborah is the director of The Intimacy Academy Australia as emotional wellness and self-care advocate who touches, nurtures and transforms lives; promoting emotional wellness and absolute self-care through products, somatic services and education to keep you shining through the highs and lows of life.

Deborah believes that everyone has a spark within them and, through personal transformation and wholesome self-care, people are able to celebrate their greatness and live a truly magnificent and ignited life.

Deborah’s first book saw her become a three times #1 best selling author on Amazon with an overall ranking of #81 – selling more than 5 million ebooks with the launching of “Ignite Your Life” which contains “Ignite your Life” contains the Five Core Principles to Transform your Past, Present and Future. She has also developed “The Equilibrium Matrix”; a tool to support and encourage others to fully live each day with love, gratitude, forgiveness, passion and aliveness.

In her workshop you will get an introduction to the 5 core principles to transform the past, the present and the future, participate with hands-on exercises, crystals and essential oils, receive a small booklet and work through 65 questions to transform their lives, and work through healing from past beliefs, domestic violence, abuse, poor childhood.

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Bree Calarco
The Courage of A C🌸nt

4:15pm - 5:45pm Kinta Cottage

Women have access to a resource of strength, power, and wisdom that lies between their thighs. A lot of women experience some form disconnection from their vagina. Whether in physical sensitivity or in tuning in to and understanding the wisdom of the subtle (or not so subtle) voice of the vulva. This voice, when we stop to listen and then follow through on it, can help us to make choices around our bodies and what is right for us. Come to this workshop to learn how our cunts can unlock courage in us through a delightful blend of insightful education, and gentle experiential practices.

This workshop can be taken entirely clothed, without needing to share verbally or participate in group activities or discussions. You will take home some resources and practices to continue to deepen your relationship with your womb. This workshop is appropriate for women over 18 years of age.  We will be using the word cunt in this workshop.

Bree Rain Calarco is a trained Yoni Mapping Therapist in The Bliss Method, Naturopath, Girls Mentorship provider, and Rites of Passage graduate. She is into nature, medicinal plants, philosophy, mysticism and all things creative. She is particularly passionate about women’s menstrual health, natural contraception and fertility. Bree works primarily in women’s holistic health, with a major focus on reproductive, fertility, menstrual and sexual health. Her combined studies provide a wholesome and grounded approach to women’s health education and empowerment.

Bree has been providing women’s circles in Sydney for 6 years, and in 2016, began working with Red Tent Australia to open their first NSW Red Tent on the Sydney Northern Beaches Red Tent. Bree holds the role of is the President of Red Tent Australia and the NSW regional coordinator.

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Kim Thomson
Bringing your Warrior Woman into Balance Naturally

In this workshop, we will look at simple, natural ways to bring back balance to the hormones. The pillars of our physical makeup including our hormone levels, our emotional wellbeing, our mental wellbeing including stress and our environment which includes diet, exercise and the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. If any of these are not right then we can experience a myriad of symptoms from hormonal imbalance.

4:15pm - 5:45pm Brownie Cottage

Kim Thomson is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist at Hot Oily Mumma, specialising in women’s wellbeing, hormones as well as pre & postnatal care. Kim is and entrepreneur, educator & adventurous soul who facilitates workshops as well as offering one on one sessions with women via Skype or in her clinic at Valla, on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

She loves champagne, chocolate, cows and I’m on an endless search for the perfect chai in faraway places… What more does a girl need?

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Caroline Crawford
Introduction to the
Tools and Possibilities
of Access Consciousness

4:15pm - 5:45pm Gunya

An introduction to the tools and possibilities of Access Consciousness, playing with some very versatile verbal tools/processes, that help shift what isn’t working and open up space for new possibilities to emerge. This workshop will also include two very simple and effective energy boosting exercises that can be done almost any time or anywhere to create even more expansiveness. 

Caroline’s constant curiosity and a lifelong passion for all things living has led her to explore many aspects of life over the last few decades including a completing a degree in environmental science and ecology, experiencing numerous complementary therapies and exploring the energy that contributes to thriving people and planet.

Several years ago, she had to use everything in her arsenal to recover from burnout, by addressing both the physical & emotional causes and creating self-love and self-care as a habit. Now she shares what she’s learned, and put into practice daily, with others. Caroline offers energy healing in the modalities of Reiki, Pellowah and Access Bars, Aromatouch Technique and is a wellness advocate for doTERRA essential oils.

Caroline believes that everything is connected, that healthy people create a healthy planet and finds joy in assisting both to thrive. You can find more about this at Thriving Possibilities.

Caroline provides a range of gentle, yet potent, complementary therapies in a relaxed & nurturing space to allow your body and mind to access more ease and joy, and she is delighted to provide pamper/therapy sessions of Access Bars (20/30/45/60 mins) or Access Energetic Facelift (90 mins) at the Boundless Self-Love Retreat.

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