Self-Love Retreat

Invoking the Warrior Woman

25th to 26th May 2019

Sunday Workshops 26th may

Nadine Warbrick
The Sacred Flow

7:00am - 8:00am Kindilan Hall

This workshop will physically and emotionally clear space and prepare you to invoke your own power, courage, strength, and voice for the day, with a gentle meditation, yoga flow, intention setting, deep breathing, and beautiful circle chanting.

Nadine Warbrick – yoga teacher of The Sacred Flow movement, Nature’s Flow – grew up with spiritual guidance from both of her grandfathers. One was Maori with a strong intuitive sense, receptive to guidance from ancestors. The other grandfather was a student in the Course of Miracles who taught Nadine how to use crystals, essential oils, meditation, and alternative movement and healing modalities. Nadine ‘found’ yoga when that grandfather took her to my first yoga course in 2007. Since then, she have dedicated my life to serving others so they can find the same peace and strength in movement, meditation, and breath as she had received. 

Nadine strongly aligns with the principles of Red Tent Australia – community, empowering women in strength, courage, power, and voice! In her sessions, she encourage free movement (intuitive movement) and emphasises the power of the breath (Spiritus = Breath!), our direct connection with Source/Goddess.

SUNRISE EMPOWERING GODDESS MOVEMENT + BREATH: We start with a gentle meditation connecting to our womb space and Source, Earth Mother. We invoke our own intention or Sankalpa for the day to honour the power of intention and emotion.

We will then gradually come into gentle yoga movement designed for all body types through facilitated Free Movement. This is to get the creative sacral chakra juices flowing through our system, spreading up to our heart. When we are warm, we have the freedom to move how we wish and flow with a guided yoga vinyasa ‘flow’ (postures aligning with empowering the feminine).

Towards the end, lying down to re-connect back into ourselves with a gentle breath session, ending by bringing the ‘circle’ together, facing each other to chant ‘AUM’ to open up our voice (throat chakra) for the day.

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Mags Sheridan

9:15am - 10:45am Kindilan Hall

Wise Body is where you’ll learn a gentle healing movement practice that will calm your nervous system, tone your muscles, and put a smile on your face. This class based on the Nia Technique, a gentle movement routine combining dance, yoga, and martial arts, combining simple choreography with uplifting music for an experience that enriches body and mind. You will get physical conditioning as well as calming and coordination of your nervous system.

Mags Sheridan is a Blue Belt in the Nia Technique, a certified instructor for Moving to Heal classes, and has trained as a Red Tent facilitator

The type of Nia Mags teaches is called Moving to Heal, which uses simple movements repeated often so that students can easily follow along and experience the joy of moving in unison to music that evokes goddess imagery, connection to the earth, and unity among women, as well as encouraging playfulness and fun. The class is mostly done individually and also includes some optional interactions between participants (not partner dancing). Traditionally it is done barefoot and can be done indoors or outdoors.

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Kim Fairminer
Discover Your Mars - Experiential Astrology

9:15am - 10:45am Kinta Cottage

This workshop begins with a guided pathworking where you will directly experience your natal Mars. You close your eyes and listen, relax, and let your imagination lead. After some time to record your pathworking experience, we regroup to discover the meaning of the symbols in the pathworking and then  share how the warrior archetype is operating in your life.

Kim is a qualified transpersonal therapist and professional astrologer dedicated to supporting your emotional, psychological, and spiritual health and well-being, with more than twenty years’ hands-on experience as a practising witch. She weaves her natural fluency in the symbolic language of the stars with down-to-earth practicality to help you bring your ‘world without’ and your ‘world within’ into perfect alignment. Her vision at Dreamorpheus Transpersonal Therapy is to explore your highest potential, gain a new perspective on challenges, and receive spiritual insight. Kim’s clients rave about the deep spiritual insights she facilitates with honesty and passion, as well as her uncanny predictive accuracy. 

When she’s not stargazing and circle-casting, you’ll find Kim tucked away in suburban Brisbane, practising Spanish on her cat and drinking tea in her active wear.

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Emma Creed

9:15am - 10:45am Amphitheatre

Experience the gift of music in this beautiful, gentle, yet powerful session. Open your heart to the magic that music is and awaken, explore and sing a journey unto your Self; experiencing the bliss of sound, song and silence that will nourish your soul. Combining breath, movement, meditation, sound, song and stillness, get out of your head and back to your heart and body to expand your journey through personal awareness to create balance and restore health and wellbeing and empower your being.

Emma Creed is a Community Music Educator, Sound Healer, Dance Therapist and The Self Expression Specialist who, in her playshops, programs, retreats and keynote/guest presentations and professional development sessions utilise the power of sound, silence, stillness and movement to promote personal and planetary healing, harmony and wellbeing.

With a beautiful voice and in her own unique holistic style, Emma facilitates her workshops with warmth, humour and compassion, creating a sacred, safe and sensual space for experiencing new levels of Self-expression through group singing – moment by moment, breath by breath.

Emma offers a range of creative healing arts programs in Sunshine Coast/Hinterland, Brisbane and the Gold Coast and further for individuals and groups. Please contact Emma for further information on how she can contribute to your team/group.

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Jada Dawson
Radical Self-Love Embodiment Practices

9:15am - 10:45am Brownie Cottage

Be guided in safe and sacred space to connect & nurture yourself through Ancient Rituals & Embodiment practices to reconnect to your physical self including the techniques of Touch of the Goddess, Soul Gazing, and information on Breast Care and the Lymphatic system. 

Jada Dawson is a woman who was born with a physical disability. After living most of her life not accepting or loving her body, it has become her True Life’s purpose to give other women the gift of Deep Unconditional Self-Love. Jada has been on her spiritual path for many years and her life is lived from my Heart. She combine modalities such as Ancient Women’s Wisdoms & Rituals, Tantra practices, Kundalini techniques and Self-Love / Self-Care Embodiment practices through her Goddess of Divine Love offerings, including “Beautiful Blissful Bountiful Breast Massage”.