Expression of Interest for Red Tent Australia’s 2019 Boundless Self-Love Retreat:
Invoking the Warrior Woman


Workshop Facilitators, Activity Leaders & Natural Therapy Professionals.

Event Contacts:
Jill Genet: redtentaustralia@gmail.com and Tia: officehelp.redtentau@gmail.com


What is “Boundless Self Love: Invoking the Warrior Woman” Retreat 2019 all about?


Boundless Self Love Retreat 2019 is all about finding your COURAGE, STRENGTH, POWER and VOICE to enrich your life and nourish your soul.

Throughout the Red Tent Australia community, we often hear stories of how challenging life can become, how difficult it can be to connect and feel supported by other women, and most importantly that we aren’t getting the time necessary to cultivate the self-love that we all desperately need. The right self-love can contribute to building confidence, making us better women within our society, better mums, better partners, more effective friends and workers.

Many women are starved for an opportunity to connect, they can’t find the time away from their partners & kids, work and daily routine invariably gets in the way and then there is always getting over the fear of meeting new people one-on-one. Fear of being judged, or not liked or whatever the case may be.

And so, it is; Boundless Self Love- Invoking the Warrior Woman Retreat 2019: An opportunity for women to be open to the possibilities of new or re-connection, with themselves, fellow women and with the nature around them. This retreat will be set on 150 acres of beautiful bushland, we would also like to offer the women the ability to use more of this land with courage building outdoor activities like Archery, Low Ropes and the Leap of Faith and of course bush walks.

Pampering your body and soul, allows you the space to feel free, supported and connected, that is the main aim with this retreat. This is about coming away for a weekend to fill your cup, leave feeling rejuvenated, empowered, confident and connected.

The Event Program:

Boundless Self Love Retreat 2019 will run for 2 days (including 1 overnight stay) beginning 8am Saturday 25th to 3pm Sunday 26th May. The event is designed to assist women connect with themselves and each other in a supportive and fun environment. Events include:

Facilitated Workshops – The Workshops are themed around popular talking topics of women:  Empowerment and Confidence, Self-Image and Creative Expression, Self-Defense. Topics that are spiritual about becoming more centred and peaceful, guided in life or about awakening themselves. We will hold meditations and yoga sessions as well.

This year we are focusing on Invoking the Warrior Woman and so we will invite participants to take part in outdoor courage building activities like Archery, Low Ropes and the “Leap of Faith”

Natural Therapies – A segment purely designed for instant ‘self-love’ through pampering and soul nourishment where treatment/space rooms will be setup for our retreat guests. Offerings will include massages, reiki, tarot/psychic readings, facials, reflexology, sound healing etc.

Facilitated Activities – Various activities will take place over the weekend, these could include basket weaving & mandala creating etc.

Evening Entertainment – combination of Spoken word poetry, singing, drumming, fire twirling and other entertainment.

Catering – This year we would like to source our own caterer. Someone who provides wholesome healthy and nourishing foods.

Following an eventful day on Saturday, our retreat guests will have the opportunity to solidify their connections via a fun-filled evening. Accompanied by a fabulous musician to set the mood, our guests may prefer to sit and chat around the open campfire, dance and sing until their heart’s content and/or get involved in several other fun activities.

Sunday morning brings Yoga, Meditation and Bush Walks. Then the day is filled with Dancing and Craft activities, Self Defence classes and more fabulous workshops

The Audience:

The type of women who are likely to attend Boundless Self Love Retreat 2019 are mainstream, non-denominational women of varying socio-economic levels. For some, coming to Boundless Self Love Retreat 2019 is a very big sacrifice for their family.

Although many women attending will have an interest in spirituality, Boundless Self Love Retreat 2019 has been designed to be inclusive of all types of women and religions and therefore we ask that all workshops are targeted towards a more mainstream audience

(Although we love to include creativity and diversity)

The Scope:

We are very flexible in the delivery of the workshop/activity and provide the following suggestions when planning your session

  • Please ensure that there is an element of interaction within the workshop (to enable participants to share their own experiences and to be able to connect with others within the group as well as the facilitator)
  • Provide at least 1 “tool” or “lesson” they can take away with them – even if it’s a group affirmation or something similar
  • If you participated last year as a facilitator we ask that you change your workshop and make it different so that returning participants gain something new
  • Be fun and engaging Boundless Self Love Retreat 2019 is giving women a “break” from the responsibilities of everyone else and enabling her to be with her and 199 other women with the same intentions.

Your benefits:

Being on the Boundless Self Love Retreat 2019 team as a facilitator, leader, natural therapies or other professional will gain you several high-value benefits. These include:

  • Gather with the RTA Committee and retreat volunteers for a complimentary Vision Sharing’ dinner on Friday night, 24th May 2019.
  • Option to stay the 2 nights, in the on-site accommodation facilities, at a discounted rate.
  • Discount to be a participant in the retreat for the 3 days.
  • Complimentary promoting of yourself and your business as we market Boundless Self Love Retreat 2019, both via our website and Facebook page.

To assist with a smooth process in coordinating this retreat, we ask that all ‘Expression of Interests’ be submitted to officehelp.redtentau@gmail.com by close of business, Sunday 18th Nov 2018 ***Please note the short time frame and act swiftly!***

  • All Expressions of Interests will be confirmed and secured soon after.
  • Preference will be given to current Corporate Members and Facilitators of Red Tent Australia. These businesses support us throughout the year in a number of ways and we would like to offer them the opportunity to promote themselves at the retreat. To become a corporate member information please see our website. www.redtentaustralia.org

Once secured and our schedule is defined, marketing of this event will commence, and participant bookings created. Throughout the marketing of this event, you will have the opportunity to be seen and heard within the community as a spokesperson and supporter of this retreat.


Kindalin Education and Conference Centre
Corner of German Church Road & Days Road, Redland Bay QLD 4165