Objects of RTA

The objects for which the Organisation is established are:

To offer a safe space for women whilst providing access to holistic education and practices

To provide an educational platform for initiation into womanhood, motherhood and the senior years.

To initiate discussions regarding woman’s disquiets and providing support and access for resolve.

To recommend and uphold a standard Code of Ethics and provide governing guidance to State and Regional Red Tent Groups Australia-wide.

To provide a platform for local business, individuals, companies, authorities and organisations associated with Red Tent Groups to offer their services within the community to stimulate the local economy.

To serve as a central location for membership, supporters, event management and communications of the activities of Red Tent Groups around Australia.


RTA Code of Ethics

All members of the RTA including the Executive Committee are bound by the RTA’s Code of Ethics:

To conduct ourselves with integrity and professionalism, respecting the rights of our members, guests, and all who may be associated with a RTA project.

To respect any confidence gained in the conduct of our organisation including any events and circles.

Not to engage in any practice restricted by law, or by a professional agreement.

Not to publicly condemn, criticise, defame or devalue another member.

Be an active contributor and uphold the values and good faith of the RTA objectives.

To ensure that neither the organisation logo is displayed in any manner, place or form without the specific authorisation of the Executive Committee.