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Create Wellness

Owner, Sandra Vaughan
Email: hello@createwellness.com.au

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Create Wellness provides a variety of services, tools, and techniques to help you find balance, peace, happiness and abundance in ways that suit your beliefs, body, budget and lifestyle.

* ArōmaTouch Technique – the therapeutic application of essential oils along the back & feet to improve well-being by reducing physical and emotional stressors * Crystals * Liquid Crystals – life purpose readings and geometric vibrational remedies that facilitate change, healing spiritual, emotional, mental and thus a physical imbalance * Starchild Directives – readings and remedies to support star, indigo, and crystal children by offering ‘life tools’ that help them cope with the ‘new world’ * Reiki – Channelling this life force energy offers gentle, non-invasive yet powerful healing * Colour sessions – understand what different colours mean and how you can incorporate them into your life to manage emotions * Essential oils – dōTERRA oils, hair skin & body products, and supplements * Coaching & Workshops


Dreamorpheus Transpersonal Therapy

Owner, Kim Fairminer
Email: kim@dreamorpheus.com

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“Kim blends ancient esoteric wisdom and modern transpersonal psychology to put you back in touch with your own unique magic.

Do you want more happiness, more purpose + more freedom?

Book in for a private astrology consultation, wellbeing support session, or join a group circle.

Kim holds a powerful sacred space for you to explore your highest potential, gain new perspective on challenges, and receive spiritual insight. Sessions are available in-person and online.

Real-life outcomes include:

  • Living life with meaning and purpose
  • Healthy, fulfilling relationships
  • Self-awareness and empowerment
  • Confident decision-making
  • Increased compassion and empathy
  • Reduced stress
  • Optimised healing.


Earth Song Dreaming

Owner, Carmel Ursua Sonsalla
Email: earthsongdreaming@gmail.com

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My life’s journey has led me to my personal and professional life experiences, where I have been initiated into eldership. My knowledge and wisdom relate to Red Tent gatherings and circles. Shamanic Teachings, Womb Healing, Red Womb Drum-making, Community Drumming Circles, Moon Lodges and Authentic Earth Ceremonies. These experiences have been bought forward by my inner passion and life commitment to Medicine Ways as I continue to follow the true purpose of my open heart. I have also been inspired and guided by Shaman Teachers from different cultures around the world and have been informed that I was born with the gift to heal and bring ceremony to community. This also led me to extend the many qualifications that I hold in the Art of Healing Body, Mind, Heart, Soul. Further information go to my web site www.earthsongdreaming.com Heartfelt Blessings and I look forward to meeting you. Carmel Ursua Sonsalla

Emma Creed – Self Expression Specialist

Owner, Emma Creed
Email: emma_creed@optusnet.com.au

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Emma Creed is a Community Music Educator who loves sharing the power of sound, song, stillness and silence in assisting women to return to their gentleness within so that they can BE their authentic Self expressed in this world.

With a beautiful voice and in her own unique and holistic style, Emma facilitates her sessions with warmth, humour and compassion, creating a sacred, safe and sensual space for experiencing new levels of Self expression through group singing – moment by moment, breath by breath.

Emma offers a range of creative healing arts programs in the Sunshine Coast/Hinterland, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and further afield for individuals and groups. She facilitates singing sessions in communities, at conferences and festivals and truly believes that ‘when we come together and sing, we make the world a better place.’

For further information about Emma, her events and how she can contribute to your community, please like her FB Page. https://www.facebook.com/EmmaCreedAU/

Happy Breast Balm

Owner, Susanne Mckenna
Email: sue@happybreastbalm.com

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Happy Breast Balm and the Ultimate Breast Care Routine are designed to inspire and encourage women to get in touch with their breasts, to take the health of their breasts into their own hands. By spending a couple of minutes regularly dry skin brushing and massaging with the balm, you can:

  • Stimulate the lymphatic system to clear and detox the many lymph vessels within your breast tissue.
  • Massage your breasts to improve blood flow and nourish them with the balm.
  • Really get to know and love your breasts, where attention goes, energy flows.
  • Affirm daily your health, well-being and gratitude for life.

We are creating a paradigm shift away from fear and taboos around breasts, empowering women to really love, heal and care for themselves. Visit https://breastbalm.com/ for more information.

Healing Canvas

Owner, Kelli MacAlpine
Email: kelli@healingcanvas.com.au

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Through Art Therapy Kelli helps clients explore their experience by bringing awareness & connection to self. She works across a range of areas including stress, anxiety, mental health management, grief & trauma, relationships & life transitions.

For further information about Kelli, and how she can contribute to your wellbeing, please like her FB Page. https://www.facebook.com/HealingCanvas

Joyful Kookaburra – Holistic Wellbeing Service

Owner, Rhonda Noyes
Email: rhonda@joyfulkookaburra.com.au

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Joyful Kookaburra – Holistic Wellbeing Service is run by Rhonda Noyes. Rhonda’s spiritual path of heart called for a totem animal to assist her in her work and it was Kookaburra that stepped forward, bringing the medicine of healing.

Rhonda is a qualified and accredited Social Worker with the Australian Association of Social Workers & a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. Rhonda works from a holistic, person centred framework supporting people to work towards their own healing, growth and transformation. Rhonda incorporates a range of holistic healing and therapeutic modalities into her practice to assist people to foster new pathways for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Services on offer include:

  • Counselling, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy & EFT (Tapping)
  • Sound & Crystal healing sessions including Group Sound Baths & Healing Circles
  • Tailored personalised ceremonies including Rites of Passage Ceremonies for Women & Girls
  • Office & House Blessings
  • Workshops & Events.

Life in Restoration – Assisting you to restore your life on all levels

Owner, Alicia Hall
Email: info@lifeinrestoration.com.au

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Alicia facilitates workshops for women which brings them back to self-empowerment and self-healing. She is a well experienced facilitator and healer; her warm embrace & compassion will allow you to feel comfortable during your time with her. These workshops include the following teachings:

  • Being trained in, and live application of PACH (Past Age Clearing & Healing-Level 1). This technique clears physical, emotional, mental & spiritual blockages we may be experiencing as women.
  • Learn the art of consciously being able to tune into your body, hold your menstrual blood & release it on cue (using conscious thought & your bodies muscles) which will allow you to move away from reliance on sanitary products and things outside of you.
  • Learning and live application (under instruction) of Pelvic Floor, Abdominal Strengthening Exercises and Muscle Memory techniques.
  • Learning & sharing Sacred Sexual Healing you can bring into your relationships immediately.

Melissa Young – The Ritualist

Owner, Melissa Young
Email: melissafreespiritcoaching@gmail.com

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I am a Ritualist. Inviting my clients to invoke the mystical back into their lives to change the energy and atmosphere in their homes and relationships. Using the elements, the Angels and connecting through Rituals, my clients embark on a journey of self discovery and enrichment.

the Gaia Temple, Melbourne

Priestess, pia Gaia
Email: thegaiatemplemelbourne@gmail.com

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We are a community lead space, NFP Collective dedicated to Gaia in all Her shapes and forms. Goddess, Earth, interconnected community.

We create workshops, rituals and ceremonies that work at the intersection of Ecology, spirituality and social activation weaving together a distinct, and much needed offering, to a flourishing and emerging environmentally conscious world.

Voice Within Magazine

Owner, Simona Galimberti
Email: hello@voicewithinmagazine.com

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VOICE WITHIN BEGAN WITH A SIMPLE THOUGHT OF HOW VITAL ONE’S OWN PERSONAL STORY REALLY IS. Voice Within aims to capture one’s message to express to the world through creative expression and the written form. Whether you are an organisation in need of research, data analysis, report writing expertise, or content for your website. Perhaps you are an individual wanting to tell your story creatively to your community or loved ones.

Voice Within can be your wordsmith expert to express your message from within to the world around you.

Yassy Mae Healing

Owner, Yasmine Christensen
Email: yassymaehealing@hotmail.com

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I’ve had a passion for Crystals, Energy healing and Shamanic Practices from a young age. After a near-death experience 10 years ago I have become very aware of how fragile life is, which has catapulted me into a spiritual remembering. Crystals are an Ancient medicine given to us by Mother Earth to assist us in our healing, connecting and bring our global family together.

I am a Certified a Reiki and Shamanic Practitioner, an Accredited Crystal healer and Teacher with The Academy of Crystal Awakening. I offer Crystal, Reiki and Shamanic healing as well as running Workshops on the science of Crystals and becoming a Crystal healer.


Yoni Mapping Therapy

Owner, Bree Calarco
Email: yonimapping.bree@gmail.com

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Holistic Pelvic Wellness for Women Birth Preparation and Scar Tissue Remediation Pelvic Tension, Trauma and Pain Release Expanding Pleasure Potential

Sessions in the comfort of your own Home or at a clinic in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Bree offers sessions in Sydney region or the Sunshine Coast region.

Find out more about Yoni Mapping Therapy and join our Bliss Tribe for a free e-book www.yonimappingtherapy.com/yoni-mapping/

Yoni Mapping Therapy – The Bliss Method®‚ is a pelvic wellness modality for women developed by Bonnie Bliss, offered only by women. It is a gentle and respectful ‚ “guided tour” of your most mysterious region ‚ the incredible female pelvis.

®Yoni Mapping Therapy The Bliss Method is registered with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) and certified Yoni Mapping Therapists have successfully completed a rigorous and intensive training