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Ready Steady Thermixing

Owner, Paige Cole
Email: paige@readysteadythermixing.com

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Thermomix has given me the opportunity and confidence and training to develop my own business and share my passion. I am able to utilise my background, to change and improve lives everyday. Customer care is my strength and as a recipe developer I am able to teach you a deliscious journey within your existing or new food practices I take the stress out of cooking! I love sharing my passion and information, if you need assistance please ask. There is an important community aspect to my business, I collect items from a list and donate to various homeless charities I strive to improve Australia one belly at a time.

Happy bellies and strong minds we unite.

Byrning Tyger

Owner, Alexandra Tanet
Email: byrningtyger@gmail.com

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“Alexandra Tanet is author of ‚ÄúLiving Witchery – from Novice to High Priestess in a Contemporary Witch Coven.‚Äù The book is a warts and all account of what it‚Äôs really like to be member of a witch coven. Alexandra, a practitioner of witchcraft for over 30 years, describes the joys ‚Äì and challenges ‚Äì of belonging to group of witches. Using a light hearted yet informative approach, she explores key features of this dynamic spiritual practice including: – Ritual celebrations – Creating and maintaining a coven – Initiation Degrees – Women‚Äôs mysteries – Divination and group practices

Psychic Readings by Sarah

Owner, Sarah Yip
Email: info@sarahyip.com

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Sarah is a professional psychic, numerologist, palmist and clairvoyant in Brisbane. She’s also an 11:11 researcher, spiritual teacher, blogger and mum to two fun little boys.

The EO Tribe – doTERRA Diamond Wellness Advocate

Owner, Kira Fischer
Email: kiralfischer@gmail.com

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My name is Kira Fischer and I connect people with the magic of Essential Oils! I run workshops teaching about doTERRA essential oils and the many different ways to use them. How to make chemical free products to use around you home and on your body Infusing wholesome food with oils Replacing your medicine cabinet with oils Using the oils for emotional support You can find all the details and book in for these workshops on our website the-eo-tribe.com

Yoni Mapping Therapy

Owner, Bree Calarco
Email: yonimapping.bree@gmail.com

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Holistic Pelvic Wellness for Women Birth Preparation and Scar Tissue Remediation Pelvic Tension, Trauma and Pain Release Expanding Pleasure Potential

Sessions in the comfort of your own Home or at a clinic in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Bree offers sessions in Sydney region or the Sunshine Coast region.

Find out more about Yoni Mapping Therapy and join our Bliss Tribe for a free e-book www.yonimappingtherapy.com/yoni-mapping/

‘Yoni Mapping Therapy – The Bliss Method’ is a pelvic wellness modality for women developed by Bonnie Bliss, offered only by women. It is a gentle and respectful ‘guided tour’ of your most mysterious region – the incredible female pelvis.

‘Yoni Mapping Therapy – The Bliss Method’ is registered with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT) and certified Yoni Mapping Therapists have successfully completed a rigorous and intensive training

Dreamorpheus Transpersonal Therapy

Owner, Kim Fairminer

Email: kim@dreamorpheus.com

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“Kim blends ancient esoteric wisdom and modern transpersonal psychology to put you back in touch with your own unique magic.

Do you want more happiness, more purpose + more freedom?

Book in for a private astrology consultation, wellbeing support session, or join a group circle.

Kim holds a powerful sacred space for you to explore your highest potential, gain new perspective on challenges, and receive spiritual insight. Sessions are available in-person and online.

Real life outcomes include:

– Living life with meaning and purpose – Healthy, fulfilling relationships – Self-awareness and empowerment – Confident decision-making – Increased compassion and empathy – Reduced stress – Optimised healing.


Access Your Potency


Owner, Nicki Achille
Email: Nicki.achille@gmail.com

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What would you life and living look like if you knew you couldn’t fail? Only you can choose to Access Your Potency and this could be with way more ease than you have never imagined possible. Bookings can be either face to face or virtual and may incorporate using pragmatic tools and gentle hands on bodywork of Access Consciousness to create more ease and joy. Perhaps selecting some essential oils to blend and use for your beYOUtiful body, mind and soul. The ‘AromaTouch Technique’ is suitable for every body helping with stress management, immune support , inflammatory response and homeostasis. There is also ‘Symphony of the Cells’ is another option for different systems and/or dis-ease. Nicki facilitates Access Bars regularly and hosts swaps for both Access Bars and AromaTouch Technique. She is also a Laughter Yoga Instructor.

Australian Essential Oils and Botanical Gifts

Owner, Jenni Nightingale
Email: jenni@australianessentialoils.com.au

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Australians know little about the healing benefits of our own Australian essential oils yet scientific tests proved our Indigenous peoples used oils 2,000 years prior to the Egyptians. Australian farmers ethically grow sustainable plantations of our trees and some are harvested from the wild, under government license. They are lovingly distilled and exported worldwide. Eucalyptus Blue Gum is one of Australia’s largest exports to the world.



Using Australian oils as taught by her grandmother, Jenni has visited many plantations and personally supports this farming industry. Therefore Jenni created Australian Essential Oils and Botanical Gifts. In 2015 that “Spirit of Australia” tugged at her heart and the message received. “Please tell our story of our healing trees,” why these oils make Australia a healthier continent. Healthy natural healing of 100% Pure Essential oils provide amazing benefits. Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual. Ethically priced for your health and well-being. PROUDLY – PRODUCTS OF AUSTRALIA

Avana Wellness & Avana Natural Fertility

Owner, Bev Dorgan
Email: bev@avanawellness.com.au

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Hi I’m Bev! I love helping women overcome their health issues using food as medicine, targetted nutrients, reflexology and bioresonance. A passion of mine is helping couples to fall pregnant, naturally! With 1 in 6 couples experiencing difficulties, natural medicine can make a real difference, by optimising the health of both partners. If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, then bioresonance may have a solution for you. I look forward to helping you on your healing journey! 🙂

Bee Free Healing

Owner, Belinda Hayes

Email: belinda@beefreehealing.com.au

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Belinda is a healer, trainer, author, presenter and event organiser.Belinda is a healer, trainer, author, presenter and event organiser.

As the owner of Bee Free Healing, Belinda is committed to connecting like-minded individuals on their own path of happiness and wholeness.

She first opened Bee Free Healing as a healing centre to manifest the power and energy of crystals and the art of Reiki and since has been working in the local community also serving as treasurer of Red Tent Australia and as a trainer for the Academy of Crystal Awakening.

Belinda offers not just healings but also a wide range of products and services, including;• Reiki & Crystal Healing Sessions• Reiki Courses & Training• Crystal Healer Certified Courses• Oracle Card Readings & Workshops• Online ebooks, crystal sales & products

Biology of Joy

Owner, Neola Liebenberg

Email: biologyofjoy@gmail.com

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Hi! My name is Neola. I am a naturopath and the founder of The Biology of JOY! My aim is to empower woman to find their voice. To educate them on the healing power of nature so that dis- ease does not turn into disease. To wake up and live an authentic life. To become strong and powerful woman that live out loud. That woman who has been dropping of kids and picking them up for the last odd years. I want her to start dreaming again. To rediscover herself and her passion for life. No more hiding. Face your demons and run straight at them. When you know who you are the battle is over. Healing is not about fixing who you are, it’s all about remembering who you are.

Chrysalis Coaching & Counselling

Owner, Catherine Hyvonen
Email: chrysaliscc@outlook.com

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Catherine is a Life Coach & Counsellor who assists & supports others through life challenges to create positive changes to teach them to identify their authentic themselves and live the life they dream. With over a decade of study, real life experience, personal introspection and working in various counselling and community organisations, Catherine understands that to change our outer world, we first have to start with changing our inner selves – and it’s not always an easy journey. But she believes with non-judgemental, loving & compassionate support it is a journey worth travelling. Catherine uses a variety of techniques to create a balanced approach by focusing on the mind, body & spirit. Her studies in personal training address the physical & her honours degree in psychology & certified life coaching help identify issues of the mind. Intuitive & empathic, to heal the spirit, Catherine uses an assortment of meditation, Reiki, NLP and other holistic methods.

cosMAtrika Counselling

Owner: Yia Alias
Ignite The Spark
Email: yiaalias@gmail.com

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Ceremonial Choreographer Transpersonal Counsellor sacRED set design Women’s Mystery Teacher www.yiaalias.com Phone: 0425 374 189

Create Happy Minds

Owner, José Toussaint
Email: createhappyminds@gmail.com

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Hi my name is José Toussaint and born in Holland. New Zealand is were my heart is. My journey started back in NZ as a Neurolink practitioner and from there I have learned a few other modalities to provide the best healing available to each person. I love working from home. I have a passion for helping others to find their true self. I enjoy teaching self-help de-stress tools. My family is important to me and I aim to live life to the full. I invite you to experience to have a Kinesiology Balance with me and dare to go on a journey ♡ Check out my page www.facebook.com/createhappyminds

Creative Life Solutions Counselling

Owner, Trudy Jacobsen
Email: trudyj@clscc.com.au
Counselling and Life Coaching

Doing What Works

Owner: Tammy Reid

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Tammy Reid founded Doing What Works  for your peace of mind. Tammy is a joy-filled inspiration who speaks from the heart. She shares The Work of Byron Katie, an Inquiry-Based Stress Reduction process, for you to discover your own truth. The Work of Byron Katie is a way to meet reality with clarity and relate to yourself with loving kindness and peace, ending the inner turmoil, which is so often the cause of stress. Tammy’s diverse life experience has included a corporate career in her 20s (Sales Manager, Bank Manager, General Manager), a Yoga Teacher in 1999 and a Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage Therapist in 2011. Amongst all this at 27, Tammy become a Teacher and has spent the last 20 years working with children with Autism as well as parents and educators. Seeing first hand many challenging behaviours, instead of giving strategies, Tammy now integrates The Work of Byron Katie to lead you to find your own answers.

For Lucy

Owner, Kerri Alexander

Email: goddessmedicinewoman@gmail.com

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Naturopath & Herbalist Menstrual Mapping & Life Cycle Awareness I have been a practising naturopath and medical herbalist for over 18 years now and am passionate about plant medicine and the richness the tradition of Western Herbal Medicine has to offer. I find the world of herbal medicine endlessly interesting and exciting, especially as scientific trials always seem to further validate what traditional knowledge has always taught, so allowing me the best of both worlds. More recently, I have begun to combine my knowledge and experience of plant medicines with cyclic menstrual awareness. The gentle but profound use of cyclic awareness, knowing where you are within your menstrual cycle and the inner season it reflects within your life, allows deep understanding, inner growth and healing. To then be able to weave beautiful and complex herbal medicines and flower essences into each stage of the cycle brings richness and profound nurturing support and to every woman, no matter which life stage.

For Lucy

Owner, Gillian Bennett
Email: gillian.bennett@forlucy.com.au

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For lucy provides a holistic approach to personal care, with hand crafted ethical and cruelty free soaps n lotions, body care with shiatsu, reiki and ayurvedic hot stone therapy, and emotional care with meditation and mindfulness.

Graceful Weddings

Life Celebrant, Megan Egan
Email: gracefulweddings@bigpond.com



Hedgewitch Herbs

Owner, Shona Churchill
Email: shonachurchill@gmail.com

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Hey everyone my name is Shona and I’m a qualified herbalist who provides herbal consultations treating people holistically using herbal medicine and Australian Bush Flower Essences. I also facilitate Women’s Holistic Camping Retreats every month around the full moon usually, commencing 8am Saturday morning and finishing Sunday 10am. These retreats are earthy, held in the bush near a lovely creek so clear you can swim in it, sleeping in tents, eating vegetarian food and incorporating lots of meditation, bush walks, art, women’s consciousness, campfire, drumming and a natural therapy (massage, kinesiology, herbal consultation or other). I can cater for groups or just a bunch of individuals – whatever suits. I am very flexible in my delivery and can tailor the programme to suit your requirements. All of this less than an hour and a half from Brisbane CBD. Contact me on 0405 385 925 or my Facebook page – Hedgewitch Herbs.


Infinite Grace

Owner, Jill Genet 
Email: Jillinfinitegrace@gmail.com


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infinite Grace helps you access your Infinite Wisdom with Ease and Grace. Jill Genet, business owner & Holistic Healer offers Holistic Counseling, Reiki and Energy Healing. Infinite Grace also hand makes Energy Lifting Mists & Alternative Menstrual Products (AMP) for purchase


Infinite Transformations

Owner, Deborah Toussaint

Email: theselfcaregoddess@deborahtoussaint.com

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The Self Care Goddess – Deborah Toussaint, has worked with people who are feeling lost, shut down, empty and unsure of where their life is heading to enable them to get clear about their life purpose and to simply feel fulfilled; inspired, good enough, worthy and loved for over ten years.

Deborah is a passionate advocate and voice for self-care, human behaviour and healing through shifting perspectives, mindsets and personal transformation. She creates self-development products, books, workshops and systems to educate and allow people to move beyond their limits and overcome their fear, resistance and stories from the past to deeply own their authenticity, purpose, truth and expand their dreams to live to their fullest potential.

Deborah believes that everyone has a spark within them and through personal transformation and wholesome self-care everybody can celebrate their greatness and live a truly magnificent and ignited life.


In Harmony Holistic Healing

Owner, Michelle Low




MellyS The Story Collector

Owner, Melly Stewart 
Email: melly@mellys.com.au

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You know you have something of value, a gift to give to the world. You know what you do and what you know can change a persons life. You know you can make a difference.But how do you convince people of this? How can you show your clients the value of what you can do for them?You must create an emotional bond with them. You need to speak from the heart. You must be vulnerable and true. You need to tell your story. www.mellys.com.au

Mikkie Finn’s Bridal & Formal Boutique

Owner, Michelle Smailes



My Yoga

Owner, Nicole Aristoteli

Email: info@myyogaqld.com.au

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Your body your biography- literally! The body is a reflection of the mind, emotions, talents & aliments – from the toenails to the palms to the hair line! Every mental and emotional knot has a corresponding physical knot. Senior Level II Yoga teacher (Yoga Australia Inc) Palm Reader Bachelors in Metaphysics Level III Psychosomatic Therapist Cupping Massage Therapist Numerologist Reiki attuned Nicole has studied in depth the inseparable mind body relationship; how our gifts & innate talents, also our ailments are reflected in the body, let alone the mind map we hold in our palms. Nicole is passionate about empowering individuals, guiding them to realise the tools they have at hand to shape the future they desire. Weekly yoga classes held at Mt Cotton Hall Tuesday 7-8pm; Saturday 8-9am Yoga / Meditation workshops held bi-monthly (2hrs) Private readings (full body including palms & face), numerology, cupping massage & yoga therapy

Of Light & Earth

Owner, Dania Foster

Email: dania@oflightandearth.com

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Intuitive energy healing is an alternative healing system that combines the use of innate senses to determine energy blocks and imbalances. As an energetic healer, I acknowledge the vital force within all living things. Culturally this energy force has many different names, the Chinese call it ‘Qi (Chi)’, the Eastern Indians know it as ‘Prana’ and in modern natural medicine we know it as Vitality. The Vital Force is an inner energy flow that runs throughout the entire body. The fluidity and consistency of the flow determines the health of the person. This is best achieved when mental, emotional, spiritual and physical attributes are all in balance. If an imbalance occurs, the body is open to disease, illness or impact.

Our Sacred Space

Owner: Catherine Czerepak

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Our Sacred Space Meditation & Wellness Centre is dedicated to recognizing the Sacred in all things. Daily meditations, courses/workshops, holistic treatments, women’s circles and more A wonderful space to relax, connect with like-minded Souls and to deepen your connection to Self Choose from an array of treatments; massage, reflexology, energy work, spiritual counseling, feng shui Rooms also available for hire

This coming winter 2018 OSS will be opening a second location in Glenorie, NSW. A quiet spot within the bush perfect for women’s circles, day retreats, quiet meditation and yoga If you are a practitioner looking for a unique and quiet location for your work, contact us to find out availability.

Our Sacred Space: Connect. Inspire. Create!

Right-Click Websites and Social Media Services

Owner, Vanessa Pike-Russell
Email: contactus@rightclickwebsites.com.au

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Over 20 years experience with website design and development. Social Media Marketing and Mentoring. Bachelor of Education (Info Tech & Comm spec.)


Star Temple

Priestess, Kerri Ryan
Email: startemplemagdalene@gmail.com

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Star Temple is the portal through which the ancient wisdom and mystery teachings are being returned to the world. As Priestess of the Temple, Kerri offers a calendar of Mystery Teachings, Goddess spirituality, Magdalene Wisdom, workshops and online sadhanas. She offers private sessions from her home in Uki, Northern NSW or in Brisbane by appointment. Working with her privately can provide answers and outcomes to longstanding unhealed issues. Enter the temple, drop into sacred space, and open to the love and healing that is available. She offers somatic body work sessions, mentoring, spiritual counselling, guided womb clearing, yoni steaming sessions, yoni egg practices, clearing energetic ties to past lovers, releasing sexual blocks, yoni mapping, working with your shadow energies. Ask about one off, personally crafted healing rituals designed to facilitate your individual needs. She is also available for sessions over Skype/Zoom and can create an ongoing healing protocol designed just for you.

Trish Nash

Author, Emotional Healing with Essential Oils: A journey

Email: trishnash@hotmail.com

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Trish Nash author of Emotional Healing with Essential Oils: A journey of self discovery invites you to take a journey into the conscious and unconscious mind to discover the inner workings of your true self by peeling back the layers of false illusion. Her book is a practical step by step guide designed to offer easy strategies, tips, and encouragement for your personal journey. Uncover how life scripts and self-beliefs profoundly influence your behaviours in every aspect of your lives. These strategies can assist you in breaking free from the chains of self-deception to discover a life filled with happiness and abundance.

Her personal life experiences, intuition, and educational background has enabled her to take an objective look at human behaviours and our thought processes. By understanding and questioning your behaviours, you will have the power to determine your reality.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Business Communication A Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist, Reiki Practitioner ThetaHealing Practitioner

VAST Life Coaching

Owner, Michelle Payne

Email: info@vastlife.com.au

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In both her personal and professional life, Michelle has always connected strongly with people and their stories. As a life coach and mother of three gorgeous children, Michelle supports her clients to embrace their full potential and in the words of one of her influencers, Joseph Campbell “Follow Your Bliss”. Michelle’s experience spans over many years in leadership and devotion to self growth and learning.  Strong enough to hold you accountable, yet compassionate enough to be there to support you with love along the way, Michelle will bring out your best and celebrate YOU.  “One of my favourite topics is BOUNDARIES and my workshop BEHIND THE YELLOW LINE was created due to the need from my clients to gain a better understanding of why their needs weren’t being met in their businesses and their lives.”