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Give the Gift

Your donation helps us grow wholesome, inclusive communities in every neighbourhood of Australia, eliminating isolation and creating the circles of support for all women and girls.

Red Tent Australia believes that how we connect to community is critical to the solution to isolation, and the crisis facing many women and girls, each who are inherently valuable and could become vital leaders and participants in community, especially if they are wholeheartedly supported in their times of need and crisis.

In a world where we are increasingly isolated, and feel disconnected, despite the revolution of the internet and social media platforms, is is clear to us that there is a great need to reform our connection in the physical world so that we can be there to lean on one another, and share in the joys, the griefs, and the tides of life.

With 85% of women in Australia experiencing sexual harassment in their lifetime, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander women being 32x more likely than non-aboriginal women to be hospitalised from family violence, 92% of women identifying as LGBTQIA+ experiencing sexual harassment in their lifetime, 90% of women with a disability experiencing sexual harassment, 40% of women experiencing violence from their partner, intimate partner violence remaining as a leading contributor to premature death, illness & disability for women aged 18-44, and 1 in 6 women experienced abuse before the age of fifteen, we are both heart-broken and deeply moved to bring connection, support, and a place where you can always come home to all women and girls in Australia.

Be part of financially supporting the rebirth of community culture, which will impact future generations of women, girls, and their communities in measurable and immeasurable ways.


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