Welcome to the Murwillumbah Tent!

Facilitator: Melaina
Email: murwillumbahredtent@gmail.com

1. What attracted you to Red Tent Australia?

I encountered Anita Diamant’s novel: The Red Tent, years ago and have since given many copies to friends and then my daughter upon her menarche. Having worked with sacred women’s circles for over two decades, I perceive that often women working in this realm are on a frontier (there’s still a long way to go) and don’t necessarily receive the kind of recognisable peer support that can mean everything to a woman who has dedicated to providing sacred encouragement and experiences to other women often for very little or no pay. So for me, Red Tent Australia is a lovely overarching opportunity to belong to a sisterhood of similarly dedicated women, and there’s power, strength, inspiration, support, and solidarity in joining, that makes wider spread change even more possible.

2. What is your experience to date?

Synchronicity and an exquisite sunset lighting a mermaid ritual at our most easterly point… had me hooked on sacred women’s circles from my mid-twenties. Truthfully though, the call had come earlier. I was twenty-one and had a dream that was visionary in its impact and in which I dedicated to being in service to the goddess in, however, whatever and in whoever form she appeared to me. Subsequently, I have created and facilitated moon groups, women’s circles, women’s archetypal gatherings, mother-daughter groups, teenage rites of passage, girls’ groups and wonderful women’s weekends. I have also attended Glastonbury Goddess conferences and travelled to many sacred goddess sites in Ireland, the UK, Malta, Greece, and Italy. I have also written over forty books for children and teenagers including magical fiction for teenage girls. In 2019 I will also be co-facilitating a priestess path in Brisbane – Priestesses of Gaia.

3. What do you hope to bring to your community?

Nothing short of revolution! Seriously, my intention is for our Murwillumbah Red Tent to be a sacred, nourishing, beautiful and safe space in which women are free to be joyous, creative, silly, sad, honest, and real. My desire is for every woman who attends to be supported in sharing, exploring and developing strengths and talents, and for deeply bonded friendships to be forged. For women to have the experience of being empowered, inspired, honoured and encouraged in their dreams and desires, by a truly supportive sisterhood. I have a bit of a magical flavour so my tendency is to seek for opportunities to drop deep into our personal sense of sacred connection that can be so delicious no-one wants to go home! But of course we do, and our cups are filled and overflowing for all that we love, our: families, friends, animals, trees, waterways, and our precious planet…