Welcome to the Byron Bay Tent!


Facilitator: Tia
Email: byronbay@redtentaustralia.org

1. What attracted you to Red Tent Australia?

Honestly, i needed a way to overcome my social anxiety/insecurities & have a good reason to actually leave the house.
Purchasing my first ticket sealed my fate.
I started going to circles years ago back in Wynnum. A girlfriend opened her tent near Nimbin (2015) & the Byron Temple opened their tent (2016) as well as another dear friend volunteering with events who I regularly worked with (current), whom, as a collective, all influenced me to join this non-profit as a member because the savings were huge & the return on investment was undeniable.
Upon researching the founder & purpose of this organisation, i found the morals & values aligned with my own & aspects of the ‘self-work’ resonated with my heart-of-hearts.
The innocence & love that is displayed within these circles blew me away, women were being raw, real & radical.

It wasn’t a ‘revolt’, it was the evolutionary nature of this support network that attracted my commitment.

2. What is your experience to date?

At first, the woman using feathers to cover me in smoke & hugging me without invitation felt strange, i thought “These women have been mixing their pills or forgotten to take them entirely”.
The urge to surrender back to my creature comforts at home subsided once i entered the inviting space & could dissolve into my personal bubble again. Then panic set in when i was invited to speak out loud, “Good God, what if i say something wrong?”.
Towards the end of the event I was quite humbled & feeling better then i had in years. i found myself looking forward to the next circle & tentatively reached out to one siStar in the hope to create a new friendship.

Red Tent offered support & a sanctuary in which i felt safe enough to bring voice to my fears, & air my frustrations without any negativity or severe repercussions.

3. What do you hope to bring to your community?

As an off-the-map ‘globalite’, who has lived with numerous healers & been immersed with the school of mystics for years, as well as, a rich history in the professional business & technology sector. I aim to deliver this modality as far as possible to reach as many as possible, by providing a reliable source of support & sharing of skills. Also inviting; universal & varied, non-judgment, unconditional love & compassion, space, presence & peace in all group settings. Drumming, metaphysical transformations, ancient Egyptian sciences, guided meditations.
Evolutionary Woman®, Becoming a Modern Master, Meditation Mastery, Developing Extreme Resilience, Unblock Your Abundance, Secrets to Powerful Communication, Accelerated Lifelong Growth.

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often times better than a master of one”. It is not my job to heal you, i’m here to trigger within you your own ability to heal yourself.