Welcome to the Central Coast Tent!

Facilitator: Carmel
Email: centralcoast@redtentaustralia.org

1. What attracted you to Red Tent Australia?

During part of my initiation into medicine ways 2013
My shaman teacher had completed a healing on me and as we stood together and looked at the cloud formations in the afternoon sky, he spoke many heartfelt words that carried deep meaning to my soul.
He also pointed toward the eastern horizon and shared the following words.
                                             See the vision and Become it
                                  “You will be with the coloured tents”
                                           “Sometime later here I am”

2. What is your experience to date?

My experience so far has been met with support, respect, friendship and understanding. The Red Tent Community acknowledges the greatness in all women in a non-judgmental environment.
                   “I have found my Tribe”

3. What do you hope to bring to your community?

Authentic ceremony and healing the nourishment of these qualities is shared with humility, compassion, truth, support and healing. Restoration of our souls’ journey through celebrating our inner beauty and restoring our body mind heart and soul as we join in community circle to rest and nourish our womanhood.