Welcome to the Hornsby Tent!

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Facilitator: Dianne

1. What attracted you to Red Tent Australia?

A friend of mine “raved” about Red Tent and because of her invitation and enthusiasm, even though I didn’t fully understand it, we went to two Red Tents in different parts of Sydney on the same day. What I loved and what drew me in was the genuinely welcoming atmosphere. I felt recognised, included, supported and nurtured in a very caring and safe environment. Then before I knew it I had signed myself up to do the facilitators courses. I felt passionate about how incredibly valuable this organisation was for women and wanted to bring the experience of Red Tent closer to my own community.

2. What is your experience to date?

After my husband, Warren and myself backpacked around the world for 18m we found ourselves emigrating to Australia over 20 years ago. We live in the beautiful suburb of Berowra Heights and are the busy parents of two amazing teenagers, Abby and Matthew. My background is in nursing, I have been a Child and Family Health Nurse for 20 yrs, and have been a Junior Guide Leader for 15 yrs. Last year I qualified as an Art Therapist and this year will be training to be a Sand Play Therapist too. Throughout my life and through these modalities I have been exposed to many caring and creative experiences and am looking forward to creating many more with the women of my community through being a Red Tent Facilitator.

I am a Registered Nurse & Sick Children’s Nurse. I hold an advanced diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy & diploma in Community Health studies
I have been a Junior Guide Leader for 15 yrs. And facilitate a group of up to 24 girls aged 7-10yrs once a week, every week during term time. I have facilitated 1-2 New Mothers Groups each week since being in my role as a Child and Family Health Nurse. During my Transpersonal Art Therapy Training I facilitated Adult Art Therapy Workshops. I am a CPR Trainer, and facilitate education groups for my team members. Qualified Sandplay Therapist.

3. What do you hope to bring to your community?

As women, we are very busy caring for others and juggling many roles. With Hornsby Red Tent we want to bring you, the women and young women of our community a time for self-care and reflection in a nurturing and safe space. Together we will create a deeper sense of community and belonging, as women and young women supporting each other in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in. With patience and understanding, we will be able to share at our own pace. We will ask what you feel your needs are, and together create a variety of experiences where we feel we can share, learn, heal and feel nurtured.

As like the Guiding Red Tent Mission Statement, to empower girls and young women to grow into confident, self-respecting, responsible community members. I would like to be a part of inspiring young girls and women to follow their dreams through their own personal and spiritual journeys. To find a comfortable safe space to further discover and develop their unique gifts, talents and skills to enable them to feel empowered, independent and confident, to nurture their sense of self and their identity and a sense of belonging within their community.

Facilitator: Kate

1. What attracted you to Red Tent Australia?

I was blessed to be born into a long line of strong women who were very community minded. A cup of tea and a chat was our ritual to connect, heal and vision. It was these qualities that I wanted to share with the wider Red Tent sisterhood.

“When we share deeply of ourselves we give others permission to share deeply of themselves” – Jill Genet, Red Tent Australia Founder

2. What is your experience to date?

In our modern day lives us humans are becoming more insular and disconnected and I have a dream to re-village society.

Everyone has a place in the village…. the crafts people and artists, the healers and alchemists, the performers and musicians, the teachers and story tellers, the warriors and caregivers. The Red Tent gives women the opportunity to feel seen and heard and celebrate their place in the village.

3. What do you hope to bring to your community?

As I enter the Autumn of my life, menopause,I intend to dance in the flames! I have come to understand and honour the rites of passage we women journey through in our lives, the blood rites.

With a back ground in Radio Broadcasting and public speaking I’m a natural space holder and story teller and I love to hear people’s stories. As a child I had a devotional altar to Mother Mary in my bedroom and dearly looked forward to Sunday mass! Circling with women and sacred space flows deeply in my soul.

These days I am also a Civil Marriage Celebrant. I love that through ceremony, ritual, celebration and marking milestones in our life our human experience can become richer and our memories more magical. I understand that the Red Tent is bigger than me and I am co-creating a space where all women can belong.


Volunteer: Emme

1. What attracted you to Red Tent Australia?

I saw Bree posting on facebook about the one she was facilitating on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I was curious about what she was now into and went to the Red Tent website. It said that Red Tent was for anyone identifying as a woman and I was touched and delighted that there was a place for me where I could belong. I had thought there was no where that I belonged.

2. What is your experience to date?

I was welcomed, loved and delighted in when I first went to a Red Tent and that has been my experience ever since. I love the creativity, the sacredness, the sharing circles, the open heartedness and the community of sisters. Every time I go my life is enriched, healed and expanded and my heart is touched.

3. What do you hope to bring to your community?

Using my abilities to open hearts and connect women in fun, touching, healing, interesting and creative ways. Being a supportive member of a team. Love, kindness, playfulness, friendliness, creativity, wisdom and inspiration.