Welcome to the Katoomba Red Tent!

Facilitator: Kirsten
Email: katoomba@redtentaustralia.org

1. What attracted you to Red Tent Australia?

I moved to the Blue Mountains 4 years ago with a 9-month old daughter and my husband, who was travelling long hours back to Sydney for work. I knew no-one here and really struggled in my first year as a new parent. We have now welcomed another daughter to our family and I have found some wonderful groups of women in this mountain community. I feel very strongly that we need supportive spaces for women in all stages and varieties of life to meet, have time to share authentically, learn from each other and to fill our cups. I felt drawn to Red Tent Australia due to it being such a warm and welcoming sisterhood. Being part of a large network of women means I can draw on the experience of others and also contribute on a larger scale to helping women throughout the network, sharing the love.

2. What is your experience so far?

I wasn’t initiated into any kind of Red Tent as a maiden and I have definitely felt that gaping hole in my development. Since discovering the beauty of women’s groups (for personal, spiritual and professional support) I have joined as many as I can and I feel particularly drawn to working directly with women. My background is in education, producing and managing distance learning courses, and more recently I have been running my own online business, developing skills in social media marketing and online content creation. I am also a community coach, working with young women in Western Sydney to help them with goal-setting and self-esteem. I completed my facilitator training recently with Red Tent Australia, volunteered at the Self Love Retreat and I’m currently working through Tanishka’s online Red Tent training course. The future will see me furthering my studies in counselling and coaching.

3. What do you hope to bring to your community?

I hope to provide a safe, supportive and welcoming space for women around the Upper Mountains to meet on the new moon. At a time when we can feel most vulnerable, I hope the Katoomba Red Tent is a space that encourages women to relax and bring their authentic selves. I look forward to ‘creating’ this Red Tent ‘with’ the women in my community so that it truly becomes their Red Tent too. I hope I can encourage the women who attend Katoomba Red Tent to be compassionate to themselves and each other. I also hope to bring a variety of interesting speakers and facilitators to teach us skills and to expand our minds with new knowledge. I really look forward to Katoomba Red Tent being a positive influence in our community, reaching out to women from all walks of life.