Welcome to the Brisbane South Tent!

Facilitator: Kellie
Email: brisbanesouth@redtentaustralia.org

1. What attracted you to Red Tent Australia?

I truly feel I manifested Red Tent Australia into my life. I had read the Red Tent book by Anita Diamant a couple of years before and when I found myself in a particularly challenging stage in my life I started calling in some existing friends to support me and found I needed something more. So went looking for a larger support network and feel blessed to have found my fantastic sisters at Bayside, Logan and Upper Mt Gravatt branches that welcomed me with open arms.
The sense of community and support I found both in person, sitting in circle and online within Members Only Goddess Group gave me a forum where I could be held while I worked through a pretty tough time in my life.

2. What is your experience to date?

I’m a wife and mum to 3, a son and two Daughters. I’m a nurse and Caring is what I do!
I have been lucky enough to be close to three RTA branches and have been regularly attending circles in Brisbane for 18 mths.
Earlier this year I completed training in Feminine Rites of Passage Facilitation and offer women the chance to celebrate the milestones of life with ceremony, for example; Menarche (Becoming a woman at first bleed), Bridal and Belly Blessings and Rights of Power for 40th, 50th or 60th’s etc Along with Croning or Wise Woman Ceremonies at menopause, when a woman is honoured for the experiential wisdom she has gathered and can fully step into the elder role.

3. What do you hope to bring to your community?

I want to be of service to my sisters; to provide a space to “come home too”!
Where you can remember or discover, what it is like to have a tribe to support and hold you.
A forum where you can escape from the stress of the modern world and take off the mask and the numerous hats we wear as women.
A place where you can come and make new friends and connect deeper with old ones.
A place to learn something new.  To fill your cup, to get you through the next week or month in this journey we call life.