Welcome to Samford & Surrounds Red Tent!

Facilitator: Cyena
Email:  samfordredtent@gmail.com

1. What attracted you to Red Tent Australia?

I love Red Tent because it brings women together to share meaningful experiences in a variety of ways. Red Tent is a big umbrella under which women can learn, inspire each other, and feel emotionally supported. Whatever skills or interests you have, you can share them under the Red Tent banner and find other women who want to share in those experiences with you. I value the fact that Red Tent has enough ‘structure’ and a sort of honour code that fosters genuine community. It’s a non-competitive community space for women to connect and uplift each other, and we all need more of that!n.

2. What is your experience so far?

I started participating in women’s sharing circles at 18yo when a university friend and I would gather to share poetry, meditate and share honestly with each other, always around a candle and with cups of tea. The circle slowly grew as we invited other women. Over the years, I have attended many other circles and gatherings. I love the sacred ritual of a ‘women’s circle’ and the safe space to honestly, openly and deeply share with other women, even if you don’t know them. I’ve found that when women gather in sacred space, in the spirit of sisterhood, acknowledging the spiritual soul and strength within each other, its a powerful and inspiring thing. Whether it’s a gathering of two or a gathering of 60, the intent always fulfills its purpose within a circle and I always leave feeling that ‘my cup has been filled’.

3. What do you hope to bring to your community?

I hope to bring more opportunities for women to open up, reflect deeply, be inspired by each other and experience the supportive web that women can provide for each other. I’d like to facilitate meditation circles to help women to connect with their higher self and to bring that more consciously into their daily life. I also have a passion for creating sacred space for young girls to allow them to begin to recognize their mutual sisterhood and help them to develop a sense of their spiritual selves.