Welcome to Somerset Red Tent!

Facilitator: Meagan
Email: somersetredtent@gmail.com

1. What attracted you to Red Tent Australia?

I have only recently come to my spirituality in a practical/tangible sense within the last four years and I was searching for a tribe where I could freely express my interest in “alternative” things. I feel that through a series of signs and symbols that led me to Red Tent I have found that tribe.
The yearning I had suppressed for years to be my authentic self has greatly shaped what I wish to create for my children and other girls and women within women’s circles. A friend gave me the book The Red Tent to read years ago and then I heard that it was starting in Australia – from the moment I sat down in circle it felt like coming home to something I had not yet named.

2. What is your experience so far?

Although I am a generally a solitary practitioner with my personal spiritual beliefs I seek the beautiful connection I have discovered within women’s circles and for this reason I sought to do the facilitator training and was truly blessed that the universe seemed to push me towards it through a series of alignments.
The gifts I would be honoured to share are my own development of intuitive journaling and the use of tarot as a directive healing tool. Before the end of the year I am also very excited to learn Reiki as a healing modality and share this with you.
I am currently studying with Journey of Young Women to facilitate girls circles and I have been blessed to complete a PDC from Permaculture Australia and workshops in Shamanism and Sacred Space. I am also studying Anthropology and soon counselling with USQ.

3. What do you hope to bring to your community?

“Every woman has the capacity to be a mentor – the process of preparing to be a mentor is transformative and a rite of passage as well.” Journey of Young Women 2017.

I believe this. I hope you would like to be a part of my journey as much as I would like to be a part of yours.
I am passionate about fostering the connections within community that were once a part of our everyday lives.

Having grown up on a rural property in far western Queensland I still have that strong nature connection, my interests range from Gardening, Crystals, Yoga and Tarot Reading to Permaculture, Mud building, Tiny Houses, Up cycling, Painting and Shamanism.