Welcome to the Yandina Tent!

Facilitator: Michelle Moncrieff
Email: Yandina@redtentaustralia.org


1. What attracted you to Red Tent Australia?


I was attracted to red tent Australia because of the amazing, nurturing space that is created when women gather together.
I was also looking for a sisterhood to share and be who I am, and my love for sitting in circle.


2. What is your experience to date?


I have sat in circle many times, in sacred ceremony, in shamanic training and have lead circle myself a few times.
I am just a beginner in leading circles but I am ready to bring my leadership to create a beautiful space and beautiful tribe of women.


3. What do you hope to bring to your community?


I hope to bring to my community an opportunity for women to come together in a nurturing supportive space where they can feel safe to just relax and connect.
Bringing a red tent into the community creates unity and a deeper sense of community connection with other women of all ages and lifestyles.
I would like to offer wisdom circles, for mature women, who are coming into the crone or wise woman stage of her journey.
As well as full moon circles and celebrations for the changing of the seasons.
And through being united and supported, can support others to be the best they can be.
This what I envision for the community and through Red Tent, it can be created.