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Jill Genet


Email: director@redtentaustralia.org

Jill Genet is a vibrant, highly skilled facilitator. She is a colourful change maker and visionary, with a strong passion for connecting women to make their dreams come true.  She has the life path of the Spiritual Messenger and has taken on the role of gathering the tribe.

With over 20 years experience in running women’s circles and qualifications in Counselling, Compassionate Communication, Red Tent Facilitation & Yoga Teaching her goal is to educate, awaken and enlighten women to their power, strength and natural gifts.

Her mission is to support women in opening and running Red Tents in every neighbourhood, all over Australia. The Red Tent movement is a worldwide one and is needed now more than ever as women awaken to their purpose and power. It is essential for the growth of our civilization that women always have a circle of support around them to grow and strengthen our culture and nurture the future.

In our society today there is no formal acknowledgement or recognition of the Feminine Divinity. It is still thought to be an “underground” or “alternative” movement, somewhat threatening to the mainstream.

Jill wants to break down the falsehoods & illusions that are too often found in our culture and bring healing into the light. She sees one way of doing this by training women in Non-Violent Communication/Compassionate Communication to experience the ripple effect on their families and humanity at large.

She trains women from all walks of life and age groups to lead Red Tents under the banner of Red Tent Australia, a Non-Profit Community Enterprise Movement that she began in 2013. Jill wants everyone to know that belonging to a community should not be about conforming or giving away your power. It should be about becoming a purposeful being who is able to encourage and nurture others while receiving support and compassion yourself.

Jill believes that competition is obsolete and the only way forward is collaboration. Red Tent Australia is built on the model of Sacred Commerce; where the number of others you help succeed measures your success.

Asking for help and being open to receiving it are the biggest lessons Jill hopes to impart on women, along with a deep knowing that you are never alone!

She thinks that by remembering and harnessing our ancestral wisdom, re-introducing the old ways of nature is the only way forth. Along with removing the self-imposed “masks” that are firmly in place in society we can all start to work towards healing the earth via healing ourselves.

Gin Bell


Email: secretary@redtentaustralia.org

s; there’s a lot of love and laughter at those circles!

Michelle Buckley


Email: treasurer@redtentaustralia.org