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Connect. Create. Community.

Jill Genet

Founder Director & National Co-ordinator

Email: redtentaustralia@gmail.com

Meet Jill

Jill Genet is a vibrant, highly skilled facilitator. She is a colourful change maker and visionary, with a strong passion for connecting women to make their dreams come true.  She has the life path of the Spiritual Messenger and has taken on the role of gathering the tribe.

With over 20 years experience in running women’s circles and qualifications in Counselling, Compassionate Communication, Red Tent Facilitation & Yoga Teaching her goal is to educate, awaken and enlighten women to their power, strength and natural gifts.

Her mission is to support women in opening and running Red Tents in every neighbourhood, all over Australia. The Red Tent movement is a worldwide one and is needed now more than ever as women awaken to their purpose and power. It is essential for the growth of our civilization that women always have a circle of support around them to grow and strengthen our culture and nurture the future.

In our society today there is no formal acknowledgement or recognition of the Feminine Divinity. It is still thought to be an “underground” or “alternative” movement, somewhat threatening to the mainstream.

Jill wants to break down the falsehoods & illusions that are too often found in our culture and bring healing into the light. She sees one way of doing this by training women in Non-Violent Communication/Compassionate Communication to experience the ripple effect on their families and humanity at large.

She trains women from all walks of life and age groups to lead Red Tents under the banner of Red Tent Australia, a Non-Profit Community Enterprise Movement that she began in 2013. Jill wants everyone to know that belonging to a community should not be about conforming or giving away your power. It should be about becoming a purposeful being who is able to encourage and nurture others while receiving support and compassion yourself.

Jill believes that competition is obsolete and the only way forward is collaboration. Red Tent Australia is built on the model of Sacred Commerce; where the number of others you help succeed measures your success.

Asking for help and being open to receiving it are the biggest lessons Jill hopes to impart on women, along with a deep knowing that you are never alone!

She thinks that by remembering and harnessing our ancestral wisdom, re-introducing the old ways of nature is the only way forth. Along with removing the self-imposed “masks” that are firmly in place in society, we can all start to work towards healing the earth via healing ourselves.

Bree Rain Calarco


Email: president.redtentau@gmail.com

Meet Bree

Bree Rain Calarco, 28, has trained in Naturopathy, Girls Mentorship, Rites of Passage, Red Tent facilitation, & Yoni Mapping Therapy. Bree has been providing women’s circles in Sydney for 6 years, and in 2016, began working with Red Tent Australia to open their first NSW Red Tent on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Bree is the President of Red Tent Australia, and the NSW regional coordinator.

She draws on many influences, including Waldorf, Earth-based spirituality, Tantra, Taoism, natural living practices, herbalism, medicinal weeds, wild foods, and the works of Sark, Brene Brown, Marianne Williamson, Starhawk, Tanishka Tantrika, and Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

Bree’s works primarily in women’s holisitic health, with a major focus on reproductive, fertility, menstrual and sexual health. Her studies in holistic pelvic wellness for women, Yoni Mapping Therapy, combines with Naturopathic knowledge, and Women’s Cycle wisdom to provide a wholesome and grounded approach to women’s health education and empowerment.

My journey with women’s work was seeded by my mother and grandmother. When I was 4, I spent some time living in Indigenous community near Alice Springs, Central Australia with my mother, grandmother, and grandfather. My first exposure to the secret/sacred women’s ceremonies was through witnessing the women’s business being a regular part of community life here.

Coming back to rural Australia after this and settling into a home, I was blessed to attend annual Women’s Camps run by the local BirthWorker with my mother for most of my childhood and maidenhood. Through these, I received initiation into the women’s mysteries as I grew into my own sense of what it is to be a woman.

At 18, when I moved from the country to the city for study and for work opportunities, I discovered that the sense of sisterhood and community that I had been blessed with my whole life, was nowhere to be found.

After several years of isolation, and much needed differentiation and distance from the world of women’s woo woo (teenaged Bree really needed a break to ground back into being a human in the regular world!), I found the inspiration in Sydney through meeting an incredible group of women, and brought them together in sacred sisterhood circle through monthly Wild Women events.

After just short of 2 years of these incredibly inspiring, awakening and initiatory circles with a heart-expanding, mind-growing group of soul sisters, I was in a Kundalini Awakening Goddess Retreat in Bali, and met Jill Genet, who had founded Red Tent Australia, a not-for-profit women’s organisation, in the same year I’d started Wild Women. I felt really called to join their networks of sisterhood circles and merge my circles into the Red Tent and after a time, and I opened the first Red Tent in our region~ Sydney Northern Beaches Red Tent.

Now I am working deeply with Red Tent Australia, creating community all over Australia through women’s groups called ‘Red Tents’. 2 years ago, I stepped into the role of the state coordinator, and in 2018, I was incredibly honoured to step into the role of President.

I have extensively studied and explored women’s mysteries, feminine spirituality, goddess/archetypes, rites of passage for women, women’s sexuality, herbal medicine, menstrual and reproductive wellbeing.

My primary work as a Naturopath & Yoni Mapping Therapist, empowering, educating and providing support to women & girls through yoni mapping, herbal medicine, nutritional guidance, holistic wellbeing support, iridology, yoni massage, coaching, & mentoring.

Mishele Richardson

Vice President

Email: vicepresident.redtentau@gmail.com

Meet Mishele

Hi, I’m Mishele and I am the Vice President of Red Tent Australia.  I feel honoured and thankful to be part of such an amazing organisation. I would love you share a little about myself with you all.

I am a daughter, sister, mother, friend, a woman. My younger years were spent growing up in a beautiful, small seaside town on the coast of NSW, when not in school; you would find me on my horse, at the beach or with friends. In Year 12 I was torn between studying to be a teacher or a nurse, I decided on nursing. I’m a nurse, Death Doula, and a Red Tent Facilitator.

I’m a mother of four young men, three of my sons have Asperger Syndrome and currently, I’m a carer for them, which is challenging, but amazing also. I’m passionate about women sitting in circle and sharing collective wisdom’s and honouring each other in a gentle trusting space, a space of just being.

What attracted me to Red Tent Australia was a presentation I attended at a Women’s Conference in November 2016, given by Bree Calarco. I was left feeling… I want to be a part of this! I need to bring this to my community. The words Connect-Create-Community caught my attention, and the inclusiveness of anyone identifying as female being welcomed, really touched me. When women sit in circle and support and nurture each other a special kind of magic happens that strengthens and heals us.

“Each time women gather in circles with one another, the world heals a little more”

Author Unknown. I truly believe this!

Thus….here I am.

I look forward to supporting and growing Red Tent Australia’s vision and aims, to connect, collaborate and create a community of strong and educated women in a supportive & nurturing environment

Kirsten Barnett Brown


Email: secretary.redtentau@gmail.com

Meet Kirsten

I moved to the Blue Mountains 4 years ago with a 9-month old daughter and my husband, who was travelling long hours back to Sydney for work. I knew no-one here and really struggled in my first year as a new parent. We have now welcomed another daughter to our family and I have found some wonderful groups of women in this mountain community. I feel very strongly that we need supportive spaces for women in all stages and varieties of life to meet, have time to share authentically, learn from each other and to fill our cups. I felt drawn to Red Tent Australia due to it being such a warm and welcoming sisterhood. Being part of a large network of women means I can draw on the experience of others and also contribute on a larger scale to helping women throughout the network, sharing the love.

I wasn’t initiated into any kind of Red Tent as a maiden and I have definitely felt that gaping hole in my development. Since discovering the beauty of women’s groups (for personal, spiritual and professional support) I have joined as many as I can and I feel particularly drawn to working directly with women. My background is in education, producing and managing distance learning courses, and more recently I have been running my own online business, developing skills in social media marketing and online content creation. I am also a community coach, working with young women in Western Sydney to help them with goal-setting and self-esteem. I completed my facilitator training recently with Red Tent Australia, volunteered at the Self Love Retreat and I’m currently working through Tanishka’s online Red Tent training course. The future will see me furthering my studies in counselling and coaching.

I hope to provide a safe, supportive and welcoming space for women around the Upper Mountains to meet on the new moon. At a time when we can feel most vulnerable, I hope the Katoomba Red Tent is a space that encourages women to relax and bring their authentic selves. I look forward to ‘creating’ this Red Tent ‘with’ the women in my community so that it truly becomes their Red Tent too. I hope I can encourage the women who attend Katoomba Red Tent to be compassionate to themselves and each other. I also hope to bring a variety of interesting speakers and facilitators to teach us skills and to expand our minds with new knowledge. I really look forward to Katoomba Red Tent being a positive influence in our community, reaching out to women from all walks of life. ____________________________________________________

You can connect with the Katoomba Red Tent here: www.facebook.com/katoombaredtent/

To get in touch with Kirsten about local events you can email her here: katoombaredtent@gmail.com