2019 Boundless Self-Love Retreat in SE QLD

The Boundless Self-Love Retreat portal is now live! We’re really excited, and invite you to check it out!
You can explore the Saturday and Sunday Workshops, the range of Activities available, and see the big picture via the Schedule!
Come and join in the discussion on the BSLR Facebook Page, and invest in your retreat via Humanitix.
We are delighted to invite you to make a quality investment in you by joining us for a wonderful weekend,
where you can take a break, connect with sisterhood, learn some new skills, tools, or ideas, and invoke your Warrior Woman!


Red Tent Australia is a non-profit organisation with the aim to connect, collaborate and create a community of strong and educated women in a supportive & nurturing environment

We establish community networks and support between women by hosting local gatherings and events in what we call “Red Tents”.

Red Tent Australia is not religious and we include anyone who identifies as female from 11 years + and from all walks of life.

It’s our hope for everyone who enters each Red Tent to experience a sense of belonging, sisterhood and strength that stays with them from then on.

“Red Tent Australia acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Custodians and first peoples of Australia.

RTA recognises the impacts of colonisation and dispossession and the contemporary disadvantage experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

RTA is committed to working alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and men in closing the gap and supporting their women and children in Australia.”

We are very excited to invite you to come to Oakey Red Tent’s opening afternoon, and “Find Your Tribe” circle!
A place to meet and connect with like-minded, aware women. Where you can connect and be heard; supported and encouraged to embrace and improve the opportunities life presents!
A place for You! A place to release the cares and busyness of life, to relax and renew and just be You!
We will be creating a sacred space, and you will learn about the Red Tent Australia movement, what it is, and why it’s so important to women. Why being part of a tribe and connected in this day and age is so important.
For this first gathering, we want to know what you’d like most from your Red Tent so we will be asking you to join in the discussion, share your thoughts and desires, in a safe supportive environment of sharing and learning.

Congratulations to Lockyer Valley Red Tent and their facilitator Rachael Redfern for a beautiful reopening circle yesterday!

Women were raving about it! Read what they said below? 🗣

“What a beautiful day I had with my sisters at the rebirthing of this incredible tent.

I’m still buzzing from the journey of that incredible meditation.

And am jumping into action today now I’ve been able to release the shackles of what we released in our burning ceremony.

I can’t wait until the next circle! Rach, you are magical! 😘😘😘

What a gift to Lockyer Vally to have this tent! Be sure to check out there future event’s coming up here 👇

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🌔A waxing Moon is moving from New to Full and getting bigger and bigger in the sky.

🌖A waning Moon is moving from Full back to New and getting smaller every night.

🌕We can think of the Moon in terms of the Chinese philosophical concept of yin-yang. The New Moon is a very yin time, but as the days that follow it unfold, it becomes more and more yang. The Full Moon is a very yang moment but as the days pass, the energies become more and more yin.

🌑 New Moon is a time for planting and manifesting your dreams.

🌕 Full Moon is a time for releasing anything that not longer serves you.

“To sit in circle with like-minded soulful sisters is an honour… tonight with the moon full, it feels even more sacred, potent and precious…”

Bargara’s first Find Your Tribe was a rather special experience with 20+ arrivals. The love and connections were humbling!
We invite you to come with an open heart and mind and a willing spirit to enjoy sharing in a community of aware and awake women!
Find Your Tribe: be heard, feel supported and receive opportunities to make changes in your life to feel more connected to your essence.
It’s time!
Join us on Friday 1st February at 6.30pm at the Bundaberg and District Neighbourhood Centre..
Meet your facilitator – TJ. As a Red Tent Australia facilitator, TJ will create a warm and welcoming special space where women can come and relax, feel uplifted, empowered, deeply nourished, and connect with each other.
For the opening of the Bargara Red Tent, a sacred space

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will be created for you to learn about the Red Tent Australia movement, what it is and why it’s so important to women. We will then enter into an open discussion about why it’s imperative to feel like you’re part of a ‘tribe’ in this modern age of disconnection… For this first gathering, we want to know what you’d like most from your Red Tent so we will be asking you to join in the discussion, share your thoughts and desires, in a safe supportive environment of sharing and learning. There will be guided meditations and plenty of time for socialising. Please bring a cushion & a plate to share. Dress for total comfort and only if you fancy it – feel free to wear red 🙂 $5 members $10 non-members. At every Red Tent Circle:

• Moon Sign and Relevant Energies for the month ahead •Guided Meditation •New Moon Activity / Speaker / Craft (Theme changes every month) •Supper (Each attendee brings a plate) •Bring a cushion to sit on •Bring your water bottle •Membership is open to anyone who identifies as a female www.redtentaustralia.org Refunds will not be issued. Plenty of time for socialising.

Tickets: https://events.humanitix.com.au/bargara-red-tent-find-your-tribe/tickets


Being part of the tribe is belonging to a Sisterhood. It’s being part of something very, very special that every woman who enters the Red Tent feels and leaves knowing she has been there “before” but can’t quite explain how sacred and necessary it is for the rising feminine right now…

Anyone who identifies as a woman from 11 years +

Join Now: www.redtentaustralia.org/memberships/

Goddess Membership $99 (concession available)
~ Quarterly email newsletter
~ Inclusion in a private closed Facebook group to strengthen your connection with the tribe
~ Discounts to workshops and special events and movie screenings
~ Discounts New Moon and Sharing Circles.
~ Invitations to Members-only events
~ Discount to Red Tent’s Annual Retreat

Special offers on Red Tent Australia merchandise and so much more to come

Art: Unknown (if you are the creator behind this image, or know who is, please let us know so that we can attribute this beautiful piece)

Welcome in sisters

Artwork: Emily Balivet ‘Bee Goddess’

Are you a woman entrepreneur in Australia who aligns with the values of authenticity, respect, holistic health, planet-friendly business, and conscious commerce?
We invite you to join Australia’s largest growing sisterhood and become a corporate member for huge benefits! We want to support you to flourish in your business.

Benefits of Business & Corporate Membership

Red Tent Australia’s aim is to connect, collaborate and create a community of strong and educated women, one of the best ways to do this is engaging them with like-minded businesses to encourage local economic growth and sustainability. Our network of women already reaches over 5000 women in Australia and is growing rapidly.

Annual Basic Member Fee – $120

What you receive:

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~ Listing in Red Tent Australia’s Business Directory ~ Invitation to Networking Events ~ Discounted membership to Red Tent Australia for you and your staff ~ Ability to offer discounts and special offers to members (by approval) ~ First look at sponsorship opportunities for Red Tent Events and programs ~ Ability to advertise in our newsletters, on our website or social media (by application)

Please note this does not include membership to Red Tent circles or Red Tent Australia events, however you will be offered a discounted membership to you and your staff.

Find out more here: www.redtentaustralia.org/shop/  

Member update

We are changing from Paypal to Stripe…




The short story is that Stripe is now more cost effective and much easier to use for financial transactions.  It also has great security so we are really pleased to have our member transactions even safer!

If you experience any issues with becoming a member or renewing your membership, please email us straight away so we can assist you:  treasurer@redtentaustralia.org

At Logan RT last Sunday night the high, fun, welcoming energy was the pick-me-up I needed. The welcoming hug and kiss from the facilitators and volunteers was…. beautiful and needed, so much so I thought I might cry. Women I had never met before greeting me with open arms and a genuine “it’s good to see you” like we are old friends. What an amazing tribe we are creating within Red Tent Australia.

Alyce Dunstan

Just wonderful, truly a sacred experience filled with love, Namaste.

Bonnie, Wakerley, QLD

With sighs of peace and contentment, I wanted to thank you for creating this beautiful space.

I feel I have found something I didn’t exactly know I needed but once I found it I feel more complete. Thank you for a wonderful night last night.

Today I had a feeling of far greater peace. Thank you!

Francesca, Paddington, QLD.


Redland City Council is proud to provide funding for Red Tent Australia as part of the Community Grants Program to assist the Redlands Community